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21st of November 2015





Dear friends of the Living on Mars Convention,


It is with great sadness that we, the organizing team of the Living on Mars Convention, have to announce that the 2015 edition has been cancelled....

 This was not an easy decision and was taken after long debate and carefull consideration.
For financial reasons we had to , finally, cut the cord.


One day in the not too distant future there will be people just like you and us, standing on the surface of another planet.
Gazing at the evening sky, searching for that pale blue dot.

 One day children will be born on Mars and their parents will tell them stories about life on our world.
And that day a group of elderly gentlemen will think back at the fun they had organising both editions of the Living on Mars Convention.

 About the dreams we shared.
About the human race transcending above their own limitations.
About one day becoming a space fairing species...


Keep the dream alive!


Kindest regards,


Wim Dijkshoorn
Roel Kwanten
Frank Van der Lee
Felix Akkermans

The Living on Mars Convention team.